Baby Steps Rule.

first steps

Baby steps are the way to go. For those with children of the two or four legged kind know the anticipation of their little bundle of love taking their first step. This one giant leap from someone so small signals the start of a new way forward. One action tells the world, “hey look at me, I’m on my way!”

Little baby steps lead you to where you are going. Sure your GPS may give directions but you have to take the steps to get there. This simple action packs the most punch.

Taking the first step counts.

For me to live my life my way, I had to decide to want to take the first baby step of stepping away from living a life that didn’t even remotely resemble the life I wanted to live. Next, I had to take that all important first step.

Wanting it was easy. After all doesn’t everybody want to change something about how they live their life? Without the winning lottery ticket for most, change remains discarded along with their unlucky numbers.

Taking the first baby step was the hardest.  Just like a little one learning to walk, it’s odd, wobbly, exciting, full of ups and downs and tentative. Yet taking this first step, no matter how big, small or scary is affirmation of heading in the right direction.

To live my life my way I took the all important first tep. Sure I’m still in baby step mode but I feel I’m on the cusp of lengthening my stride, like I’m about to walk into something new.

Here’s a snapshot of my first baby step to live my life my way.

I made a decision

One day I took the decision to give myself one year to morph from wanna be writer to author. From dreamer to formulating my ideas into sound proposition. One year to cut back on paid work while still paying the bills and not getting freaked out by my money situation.

I wrote a plan

I didn’t just sit on the couch and watch soaps in the hope a miracle would happen. Not being the best at writing to plans and sticking to them, I actually wrote down the foundation of a plan and so far I’m on track. For me starting a Minnie Moo blog was a way to get over my shyness of other people reading my stories and it was a great way to practice the discipline of writing.

I took my first baby step

Every now and then I’d find myself searching online for jobs and getting excited for friends off on other fantastic gigs. The thought of my diminished bank account made me wistful for fiscal days. But, I had made a commitment to myself. To honor my first step there was no “turning back” option.

Support Crew

Taking the first step is so much easier when you have friends and family backing you every step of the way. Be selective! You only want people who are 150% on your side as your cheer-leaders. My support crew can be counted on one hand.

My life my way “take your first baby step” takeaway. ” Taking your first baby step lays the foundation for your next move.”

2 thoughts on “Baby Steps Rule.

  1. Hi, this blog is great! If you give hope you receive hope 10 fold! To start a new life is hard in your mind, but easy once you’ve ventured into it! I live to write so I love the notion you found your love for it! A blank page in an empty field, is a handful of pen strokes from being all you’ll ever need! Thank you for the follow! Good luck with your writing, luck is an acquired taste!

    • Thanks for your words of encouragement. Perfect fuel to start this beautiful day. I love your quote “A blank page in an empty field, is a handful of pen strokes from being all you’ll ever need!” Priceless.

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