As an anipal lover this blog really touched my heart – it’s a touching story to share with cute as cute photo’s.

Texas, a cat in New York

We interrupt regular blogging to report very sad news. We lost our beloved Grouik yesterday.

Here are some words from his human followed by pictures of Grouik.

Grouik didn’t come home yesterday.

This afternoon, we walked around the neighborhood looking for him, asking the neighbors if they had seen this cute, slim, black and white tabby. Neighbors often saw him in their backyard, and their little girl nicknamed him Oreo. They found him yesterday ca 2pm, he had been run over by a car.

Those who had the pleasure to know him knew he was the kindest cat (he even greeted us with a short meow when we opened the door for him), he has never ever been sick, he was always [successfully] begging for food yet remained perfectly fit. He often climbed onto my right shoulder so he could walk with me and observe the world as any cat…

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