Your timing sucks

How many times have you heard….. “Well, I’ve got to say, Your Timing Sucks.”

Like it’s all my fault – I’m the one who is all out of kilter with the big hand chasing the little hand in never-ending circles around the clock face. When you really want something to happen in your preferred time frame the inevitable happens. It doesn’t happen.

Just when your expectations are pegged at crossing the finishing line at your desired preset time someone comes along and moves the tape. Does this ring a bell?

Or, you’re offered an amazing opportunity too irresistible to resist. Only you have to say no as a few days earlier you’d already said yes to something else. The audible disappointment cries of “your timing sucks” reverberate.

I’m not going to fib, timing can reduce me to signs of early onset frustration; shoulder hunching, deep sighs, a higher volume of just plain louder phone calls and emails, relentless toe tapping, terse tones and a desperate desire to move time along to get this  thing all “wrapped up and, done and dusted.”

Case in point. Recently, I was helping Mum with her house sale and move. We all thought how lucky we were to get a quick sale. We marveled at the fact time was our friend, it was on our side.

Two weeks after the for-sale sign went up, we had a buyer. With the offer signed and the offer to buy another house accepted, we expected that within the next two weeks, our move would be “packed up and, done and dusted.”

Did you note the, we expected? Bad move as it wasn’t until two months later the removal van made its way up our driveway. Unbeknown to us, time had other plans.

Here’s a snapshot of what stretched our self imposed so-called two week time frame :

  • Our buyer needed to settle his personal situation
  • Unraveling and dividing takes time. Weeks even.
  • Once the bank was happy, he and his now ex had sorted their finances
  • The bank would agree to his mortgage
  • But, only after having received the documents from his lawyer and hers
  • The lawyer decided to take a nice long weekend
  • Upon her return the documents were sent to the bank
  • Who then needed time to check all the boxes
  • Satisfied? No, one thing was missing
  • The bank requested a valuation of the buyers soon to be new home
  • This was asked for on a Friday
  • To his credit the valuer arrived Monday afternoon, his report was finished by Wednesday
  • The bank had to review his report
  • By Friday the bank was satisfied, the buyer was given the green light to buy the house. Mum’s house had officially been sold. Or had it? Money still hand to change hands
  • Finally the money was in but was it? No, we had to wait for it to land in the other account
  • Phew it was official, we could move. Yes. But not until we had the keys.

While confirming with our patient movers, I got a call from our lawyer, there was some hiccup from their end causing a slight delay. Thankfully this time, it was only a matter of hours before it was sorted.

We went out for lunch to celebrate the house sale and commiserate the pending lawyers invoice. We took our time while ordering.

The house move was “done and dusted” yesterday on a picture perfect blue sky sunny day. Timing gave us a beautiful day.

Had we’d moved any earlier our stuff and cat would have been caught up in the weeks of relentless driving rain. The weather would have definitely rained on our moving parade.

Consciously, we plan for things to happen on, by or within a certain time frame. I guess we need to make contingency plans for when there’s another plan in store. It may take longer, be the source of frustration and reduce you to an impatient mess but after the fact, with the luxury of time to look back and reflect, valuable lessons are always garnered. More often than not, there is a better more favorable outcome and you’re a whole lot smarter to boot. Or, should I say, wiser for the experience.

With my life my way writing and the self-publishing of my first e-book, Minnie Moo The Extraordinary Adventures of an Ordinary Cat I have enormous respect for the value of time and am learning how it can be your own self appointed frenemy – one day on your side, the next conspiring against you. There’s one thing I do know  – “all good things take time.”

My life my way takeaway for; Your timing sucks, “all good things take time”

Speaking of time.
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