The Power of Sharing Knowledge.

I didn’t have the gumption to title this blog “TEN KEYS TO CREATE A BEST SELLER” I’ll leave that glory to the two people who have generously shared their insight and knowledge.

I’ve been upfront about my love of webinars. Always timely and relevant they never fail to point me in the right direction, help solve a problem muddling around inside my head or kick-start me into action.

Without a shadow of doubt, these virtual education sessions have proved a gold mine of blogging, e-book publishing and marketing information. Hosted by experts and, with guest speakers who just like many of us started off with an idea or dream, prove that with time, patience, learning and smarts anything is truly possible.

Perhaps most compelling is their collective desire to want to help you succeed. Positively charged with motivation and practical how-to-do-it hints I always log-off zinging with new found knowledge and, an improved approach to my thinking.

Recently on one cold winter’s morning, I joined a value-packed writing webinar. About half-way through the speakers, Steve Harrison and Jack Canfield, shared 7 magical words, “TEN KEYS TO CREATE A BEST SELLER” that caused my ears and brain to engage in high alert ready to absorb the onslaught of juicy must-have information. With pen poised I wrote down the ten bite size chunks that have become a staple in e-book and self publishing diet.

We all know these ten points are NOT going to pave the pathway with instant overnight success. However, they will bring a different approach, cause you to think differently, be more strategic and will come to serve as a useful foundation go-to reference point. Either way, they’re too tasty not too share:


  1. Compelling concept
    • Simple one sentence book proposition including how it will help the reader.
  2. Catchy Title
  3. Find your Choir to sing your books praises.
    1. Commitment and Daily Discipline
    • Show up! Everyday commit to action steps
    • Step by step plan what to do when
    • My personal fave: Learn the art of effective message sharing
    • Be honest and authentic
  4. Chapter Hooks
    Containing 120 characters
    Great to use as publicity hooks and for Social Media.
    I had a ton of fun with this and promise to write a blog on my Minnie Moo Chapter Hooks like, “If life gives you the wobbles. Make Jelly.”
  5. Connective Writing
    Make an emotional connection with your reader.
  6. Counter a Myth
    Dispel a myth. Minnie Moo is a cat and a hero!
  7. Celebrities/Publicity
    Write forwards and make it easy for media to understand your book.
    Tell them how your book will serve or entertain their audience.
    Outline what you can talk about that is related to them, their audience and show.
  8. Online Community
    Engage with your online community. Use Social Media intelligently.
    Interact and have fun. Celebrate and acknowledge others; retweet, reply, comment, post photo’s, video, repin, repost, share, don’t always shout your sales message but be strategic with it, become virtual friends, treat others as you like to be treated.
  9. Commit and Show Up. Step by step plan what to do when.
  10. Find Promotional Partners
    Companies who may wish to publish or buy bulk copies of your book
    Influencer’s. People who love to share and talk. They understand the “world of mouth”
    Be savvy, give your book  media va-va-voom.
    Make make it easy for media to understand your book.
    Persuade them how it will really grab their audience

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My E-Book Minnie Moo The Extraordinary Adventures of an Ordinary Cat is out now. Available for most e-book formats. Click here to buy – many thanks!

My life my way takeaway for The Power of Sharing Knowledge; Listen and Learn. Share and Grow.”

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