Love in the Vines. Draft Blurb.

With my e-book cover ready to go and, the final Love in the Vines edit complete, today I wrote a draft blurb.
A synopsis as you will, a teaser for the reader to enjoy (or not) before deciding to take the plunge and buy….
If you have a moment, please read and if you’d like, leave a comment with what you think.

Taking the plunge from the glamorous world of advertising to the intoxicating world of wine, Matt’s dream of becoming a gifted winemaker had come true. Leaving behind the city lights, casual late night flings and, the shattered remains of his marriage all Matt yearned for was a peaceful life spent among the fruit laden vines and sipping his own award winning wines.
With the ink now dry on his divorce papers, the last thing Matt wanted was to fall in love again…
From the moment I rushed passed her on the stairs, I knew it was only going to be a matter of time before we connected. This time though, the wedding ring was on the other hand. Not mine, but hers, and Carla was her name.
Reaching over to touch the grapes, Matt said with a shy yet knowing smile. ‘Sugar, sunlight, alchemy; I like to think of it as chemistry and magic conspiring together and, with a lot of love, nurturing and attention, it is all that these little ones need.
While hurriedly dressing I thought about that damn quote, “time stands still for no one.”  Well, it definitely did not stand still for me, a woman, having an affair. Time was against me as I raced back home. Checking for any messages before I left. I was dismayed to see a missed call and a text from my husband. He was letting me know his lunch was over and he’d be home within the hour.

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