A Big Shout Out. Thank You.

A big hearty shout out to say THANK YOU to everyone who downloaded their free copy of my new contemporary romance e-book LOVE IN THE VINES.

As a KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) Select first timer, I was both nervous and excited to be offering LOVE IN THE VINES  as a giveaway. Not knowing what to expect, I was chuffed so many people downloaded a copy.

I’ve since learned that some people are avid freebie enthusiasts and religiously trawl through the lists looking for the latest free kindle goodies. Good on them.

I’m sure there’s more than a handful of readers who will actually sit down with a glass of wine and enjoy reading LOVE IN THE VINES. I’m holding onto this hope otherwise, devastation will set in.

Just in case you have no idea what I’m talking about….Love in the Vines is a contemporary romance e-book set in the intoxicating world of wine and food.

Food, wine, love and betrayal. Like wine, love begins in the vines. Betrayal begins in the heart of a marriage.

Once again, thank you for your on-going support. It means the world to me. And if you’ve read LOVE IN THE VINES and would like to write and post an honest review. Good or bad, so long as it’s the truth. And, or give it the thumbs up by clicking LIKE, please click here.

A blog about my Kindle Direct Publishing experience and the results of the free promotion is in the works.

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