Love in the Vines. Sneak Peek on GoodReads.

It’s been one heck of a week. All things considered I’m happy despite having a stonking nasty head cold.
As many of you know, when you work for yourself it takes a tremendous amount of self-will and effort to say “ok it’s time I crawled into bed and let sleep work its healing magic.”
The only thing is, sleep wasn’t top of my agenda.
With my new e-book LOVE IN THE VINES sitting pretty on the Amazon Kindle virtual bookshelf, the last thing on my mind was sleeping during the day. I’m a newbie indie author (yes, I am!) I need to pound the virtual pavement to find readers who will love, like or loathe my story. Hopefully they will share the love by talking to others about LOVE IN THE VINES.
Anyway, without going into too much detail after going through two Kleenex boxes of tissues I called in quits and slept. Funny thing is….life went on and no one but me, and now you, knew I was M.I.A for a couple of days.
Ah well.
After loads of sleep and my Mum’s famous chicken soup for the stuffed nose, I’m feeling much better and am back on the keyboard.
In case you missed out on my recent FREE giveaway weekend for LOVE IN THE VINES I’ve posted a few chapters on GoodReads. Click here for your sneak peek at Chapters 1 to 3.
I’ve only just discovered GoodReads – I know and it’s 2012….
Food, wine, love and betrayal. Like wine, love begins in the vines. Betrayal begins in the heart of a marriage. LOVE IN THE VINES is a contemporary romance novel set in the intoxicating world of wine and food.

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