The Ecstasy and Agony of Giving Birth to an E-Book.

Black Knights Flaming Heart

Oh my god, the ecstasy and agony of writing my first proper, grown up e-book LOVE IN THE VINES was, and, still is, exhilarating and fantastically excruciating.

If I was wearing a mood ring the colors would change dramatically from the bright optimism of a hi-5 yellow to a sombre dark purple of, uh-oh what the hell was I thinking. In those doubtful moments an old blog post of mine, Back Yourself, became a force field. After all, I reasoned, if I don’t back myself, who will?

Love in the Vines lived for a significant amount of time inside my head, it was like having an imaginary TV switched on 24/7. I could hear the on-going dialogue and my mind’s eye could picture the different scenario’s. The internal conversations going on inside the privacy of my own head space left me feeling a little bewildered, loco even.

The only thing was, unlike real-life, I couldn’t find the remote to hit the off switch. Love in the Vines came everywhere with me. While out running, doing my Spin Cycle classes, shopping, eating, shampooing my hair and, I’m sure it even crept into my dream sleep. My new BHSF (best head space friend) was with me all time.

I’m guessing there’s loads of you who completely whole-heartedly 100% understand. When you’re doing something you love and feel passionate about, you can’t help but feel deeply connected. Like it’s in your DNA. It’s what you do. This thing that you’re doing makes you feel like you’re actually living your purpose.

Transferring the words from my head onto virtual paper was exhilarating. A torrent of words flowed to form sentences, pages and chapters. I’d read somewhere that when writing your first draft, don’t think too much, just do. Loads of writing. That’s exactly what I did.

The same article told me that your first draft would be awful. Chock full of grammar errors, and nonsensical sentences. I can only imagine for an English Teacher, my first draft was   red pen nirvana, with markings, crosses and slashes galore. It wasn’t pretty, I was definitely typing faster than I could think. But, I could see the potential.

What it needed was time, love, nurturing and a truck load of attention. Hours, days and weeks were spent writing, re-working, adding, deleting, changing, agonizing over words, weak spots, sex scenes, you name it. Slowly but surely, I felt more confident in the story I was creating. Until one day, my Mother wisely said, “Magdalena dear, it’s time to let it go.” Code for…publish it, get it on Amazon. Stat.

But, wait a minute Mum, if I do that other people will read my book (really!). Gosh, that means they’re going to love, like or god forbid loathe it.  Oh no, on top of everything else, now I’m going to have to learn the art of wearing a thick skin….

my first contemporary romance e-book is available now for you to buy, read, love, like or…. from Amazon Kindle.

If you already have a copy and, have read it or have it bookmarked to read. Please feel free to post an honest review on Amazon. Thank you.

4 thoughts on “The Ecstasy and Agony of Giving Birth to an E-Book.

    • Hi there – At the moment it’s available on Kindle. But if you don’t have a Kindle device you can easily download Kindle to your PC or Mac. I’ve got an i-pad and downloaded the Kindle app and it works like magic. If you go to my Amazon page Amazon has Kindle download options – otherwise please go to my website I have download options listed. If you still get stuck please let me know as I’d love to get a copy in your hands!! Thanks so much for showing an interest in Love in the Vines.

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