Love in the Vines Characters. Introducing our Leading Lady, Carla.

Name: Carla
Occupation: Administration Assistant
Status: Married with two children
Likes: Chardonnay, desserts, gym workouts, and spin cycle classes. Clothes are a constant work in progress.
Dislikes: Early morning alarms, Saturday morning children sports, Brussels Sprouts and Oysters

Favorite Quote: “Time stands still for no one.”

It was only a matter of time before his smouldering gaze would snap me out of the resignation that I was never going to be a domestic goddess.

Now feeling like a full-time appliance, it was plug me in and I’ll do it, with one day repeating into the next. I never felt on top of that ever-present laundry pile. It was always crying out to be washed, folded and put away.

Married to my childhood sweetheart, I’ve been busy as a stay at home Mom, raising our two boisterous and totally loveable children.

Truthfully? I’m bored witless by domestic routine, and I’m desperately wanting to return to work.

I couldn’t believe it when serendipity knocked and the door to a job at a local prestigious winery opened.

Very soon life as I once knew drained like an empty wine glass. Only to be refilled by the irresistible lure of the man with the green eyes.

Love in the Vines is a contemporary romance e-book set in the intoxicating world of wine and food.
Food, wine, love and betrayal. Like wine, love begins in the vines. Betrayal begins in the heart of a marriage.
LOVE IN THE VINES. Out Now for US$2.99 on Amazon Kindle.

“…I enjoyed the way the story unfolded against the romantic backdrop of a winery with realistically drawn characters. Definitely a story of the easy drinking variety, perhaps a merlot! A great read for summer…” Amazon Review from a reader in New Zealand.

If you already have your copy of LOVE IN THE VINES, thanks! Honest reviews are always welcome.

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