Amazon Book Review. Love in the Vines 4 Stars. Amazing!

Happy New Year! Watch out world, 2013 here we come…
This morning was cause for a double celebration.
New Year’s Day, and a fabulous FOUR STAR REVIEW by Katrina Joyner of Love in the Vines on Amazon.
I’m really grateful of Katrina’s time to read and review my book, and I’m chuffed with her comments, and constructive feedback.
Any comments good, bad, or just plain ugly can only help me become a better writer.
To read Katrina’s review…continue reading below.
4 star reviewLove in the Vines Cover Master 72Review of Love in the Vines by Katrina J Joyner

Love in the Vines is about a married woman, Carla, who takes a job at a winery. It’s a new and lush world for her; a fruity opportunity that also brings in a new man in her life: Matt. He’s single-minded and handsome, and he quickly finds himself very attracted to the new girl. When she responds favorably, it becomes love in the vines. And some other places as well.
The author makes no secret on what’s going to happen between these two lovebirds. A discerning eye knows what’s coming by chapter 2. No clumsy attempts at mystery in this book. It’s not knowing or not knowing the end that matters. It’s how the story is told, and this story is told through the making of wine. The subject is obviously well-researched, which only makes the main backdrop of a winery a bit more believable. You are thrown into wine-making as the main character is, learning things as she learns them, and experiencing her marvel and discovery of her natural talent with her.
To read the full review – click here.

Author’s Note
Love in the Vines
is written by Magdalena VandenBerg, and is her first contemporary romance e-book. Set in the intoxicating world of wine and food, Love in the Vines is a journey of food, wine, love and betrayal. Like wine, love begins in the vines. Betrayal begins in the heart of a marriage.
BUY YOUR e-copy here of Love in the Vines on Amazon for Kindle.
If you don’t have to own a Kindle device – simply download Kindle to your PC, Mac or Mobile. It’s easy.

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