It’s Red Pen Time. Edit Again.That is the Answer.

red penThe other day I blogged about my conundrum (such a fabulous word) “To rewrite, or not to rewrite? That is the Question.”
Thanks to your feedback, shared experiences, and advice I’ve decided to take the refresh and rework plunge – my e-book Love in the Vines will shortly be taken off sale to undergo a little cosmetic and editing work.
Your comments, and the fact I recently caught up with an old friend of mine who just happens to be a journalist with over 13 years of writing and editing experience….did I mention she’s got a thing for red pens?
After giving her the short version of my dilemma, I asked nicely if she would consider unleashing her inner editor to help iron out the technical errors currently ailing my book.
As it’s summer holidays over here, she’s currently giving my request some serious thought in between taking afternoon siestas under the beach umbrella, and drinking the occasional Sundowner cocktail.
If she agrees, and I’ve got a sneaky suspicion she will…I’m confident we’ll work really well together, and both be happy with the end result.
Soon Love in the Vines will be taking a well-deserved vacation to editing island, and after a little TLC, love & attention, it’ll be back on the Kindle book shelf looking like new. Refreshed, reworked, and ready for sale.
And, that pesky inner voice nagging me to “do something” will finally be silenced. That is, until the next time…
Thanks again for taking time to post your comments. xxxx

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