Guilty Pleasure. Glitz and Glam Golden Globes Style.

At this time of year I always feel a little guilty. It’s Awards Season, and I obsess over fashion, heels, red carpet glamor, and who deserves to win a coveted Golden Globe, and or take home a little man named Oscar.

Normally I blog about writing, becoming a self-published author, book reviews, marketing & PR stuff, and what it takes to live my life my way.

Today it’s all about fashion.

I know I should be writing, or reading “that book” I’m reviewing, but instead I switch on the telly to watch the Golden Globes. A few weeks later, I do the same for the Oscars. Except I have my acceptance speech ready for that “just in case” moment.

The reason it feels so sneaky, like I’m skipping (or wagging as we say) is that in New Zealand the Golden Globes, and Oscars are always shown on a Monday. The red carpet screening begins at around 12 midday, with the show kicking off at two in the afternoon.

By the time it’s all over, so is my Monday.

I’m a bona fide sucker for fashion, glitz & glamor, Hollywood, movie stars, actors, creative peeps, and getting lost in a great movie, or a quality TV show. The Q word naturally excludes Teen Mom, Jersey Shore, there is more…The Eastwoods, and anything with Honey Boo-Boo in it.

Swap your slippers for six inch heels, dream a hot name stylist is zipping you into a fabulous dress…and it’s a tough decision, the diamonds or rubies?

One of my fave TV shows is Smash, and stars one of my all time favorites, Debra Messing. Stunning in a black Donna Karan gown, and with enough jewels on her arm to do bicep curls, Debra’s look is show stopping-ly gorgeous.


J-Lo is so 2012. Debra’s Smash co-star Katharine McPhee is so not doing a “Marilyn” tonight. Towering, sleek, and jaw-droppingly va-va-voom, this on-screen Bombshell, clad in Thysken’s Theory has morphed into a sizzling red carpet sex bomb.
The only turn off? I just can’t figure out her heels…they’re kind of not quite right, and I don’t like the opaque front strap.


Wistful, etheral, Amy Adams effortlessly floats, ok glides down the perfectly manicured carpet in a “ballet pink” Marchesa. But, oh the shame to hide Amy’s “I must have those” heels. I caught a glimpse of the metallic almost gold strappy numbers, and rest assured they are totally worthy of their very own “hello, look at me” moment.
I can’t wait to see Amy, and the extraordinarily talented Philip Seymour Hoffman in “The Master.”


Someone call the FBI – Fashion Bureau of Investigations. Now, it’s no secret, I’m addicted to Homeland. Unfortunately though I’m not feeling the same way about Claire Dane’s look. Minimal – check. Bold Color, Red – Check. Hair down – Check. Versace sleek, understated, definitely gorgeous, but just a tad of the same old same old.
Still, I secretly hope Claire nabs a Globe for Carrie. Imagine Carrie’s reaction…meltdown if she doesn’t win. Luckily Saul will be sitting at the same table.


Eric Stonestreet is always high-larious as the adorable Cam on Modern Family. I’m guessing Eric, and his very modern family won’t be sitting at the quiet table tonight. After all he did just say, and I quote…“the booze is flowing, and we’re great at taking advantage of that at our table.”

I need a moment to vent. I still can’t believe the ever-so-gorgeous Rachel Weisz snared my husband, Daniel Craig away from me!

Two incredible women. Jessica Chastain looks amazing in her sea foam blue, minimal yet commanding, Calvin Klein gown. And her hair stylist deserves their very own golden comb award.
Impossibly beautiful, Naomi Watts is elegantly understated in a powerful bordeaux red wine Zac Possen creation. I love the cut-out back and train.


Phew. Hugh Jackman isn’t dressed as Jean Valjean. And, he’s not singing his red carpet repartee.

Ok, I barely recognized Jennifer Lawrence in Dior Haute Couture, the tangerine color pops along the red carpet. As does the Madonna inspired cones up top. Normally a statuesque 1.75m, I’m guessing she’s rocking another six inches in her heels. Talk about looking down on Ryan.


Keith Urban gave Nicole Kidman’s black lace Alexander MacQueen dress “two Aussie thumbs up.” I love it too. So, that’s two kiwi thumbs up from me.


Three words. Eek Sienna Miller. Add four more words. What were you thinking?

“George. It’s time to come home dinner is ready…who is this Stacy Keibler?”

When the knock out genes were dished out Sofia Vergara was in the right place at the right time. Radiating modern with a twist of old school glamor, Sofia is a little predictable in another hugging bedazzled mermaid number. But Que? Please slow down a little, my Spanish is a little rusty!


I dreamed a dream, Anne wore a dress snow white. When Chanel was close by. And crystals glistened in the light.
There is nothing Les Miserables about Anne Hathaway’s Golden Globe look…I only hope she doesn’t weep buckets of tears while making her acceptance speech. Yep, Anne’s destitute Fantine had me reaching for endless tissues.


Lucy Liu’s spring roses against a cloudless sky blue Carolina Herrera gown probably looks better in real life, or in the garden. You decide.


This is the first time G has let me down. Please…don’t do it again. Image

Eva, Halle, Heidi…we all remember Angela Jolie’s 2012 signature pose. But, whether it’s the right or left thigh…that “look” was so last year.


Ricky Gervais, I love him, but like Angelina’s thigh his hosting was so last year.
Watching Tina Fey and Amy Poehler host was like downing a quadruple tequila…nothing is the same as that moment before…
These two ladies are the real triple whammy – brilliant, gorgeous, and so funny.
Here’s only a few of their pearlers, gems, zingers, clangers

“Wow, what an exciting guest. That was Hillary Clinton’s husband!”

— Golden Globes co-host Amy Poehler on Bill Clinton (who was a presenter)

“When it comes to torture, I trust the lady who spent three years married to James Cameron.”

–Golden Globes co-host Amy Poehler on “Zero Dark Thirty” director Kathryn Bigelow

“Quentin Tarantino is here — the star of all my sexual nightmares.”

— Golden Globes co-host Tina Fey

“Ricky Gervais couldn’t be here tonight because he is no longer technically in show business.”

— Golden Globes co-host Tina Fey

“You can smell the pills from here.”

— Golden Globes co-host Amy Poehler

2 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasure. Glitz and Glam Golden Globes Style.

  1. I love how you seem to be making fun of yourself for loving all the glitz and glamour but without apologizing for loving it 🙂 I hope that makes sense.
    What did you think of Tina Fey’s dress?

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