This blog is right smack bang in the middle of my current thinking zone. Reviews, and opinions, we dish them out all the time…but as this blogger writes ‘opinion in art is another thing.’
I couldn’t agree more – this blog weighs in on who to trust. And who do you listen to?

creative inside out

Opinions. We each have one. We each think we’re right.

And that’s the beauty of our human race. The fact that we each have a unique and personal reaction to the world around us. A response that allows us to accept or reject, to decide how we prefer life and the multitude of experiences available.

But opinion in art is another thing. And who you listen to as you seek feedback on your work is something you should stop and ponder. What is difficult about getting feedback is that every person responds based on their unique preferences. To the artist, the work feels personal. It is personal because it comes through you.

So who do you listen to?

People you trust who have experience and expertise in your craft.

There’s a big difference between someone “liking” your work and someone who has the insight to know if its elements are…

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