Is Your Elevator Pitch Going Up or Down?

elevator‘Good Morning, going up? So tell me, what do you do?’
‘I’m a writer by day, and waitress by night. I write modern day romance fiction, and e-publish on Amazon Kindle. To date, I’ve written two e-books including Love in the Vines. I’m now busy re-writing the first draft of the sequel, Love Entwined. I write from home. Waitressing, and working shifts at an urban food lovers market gets me out of the house, and keeps me social!’
Elevator buddy responds. ‘Oh sounds fantastic. So romantic, like you’re living the New York dream!…so where can I check out your e-book? It’s an e-book right?’
A person did make the NY dream comment, as I’m living all the way in little ol’ New Zealand, all I could was sigh, and say…if only, if only. 
That’s the current version of my elevator pitch – a short summary, lasting between 30 seconds to two minutes defining what you, and or, what your products and services do.
I must’ve been too distracted listening to the music to even consider counting…but apparently the average elevator ride is 30 seconds to two minutes too long.
Hence the term – “The Elevator Pitch.” Interesting soundbites of information relevant to the what do you do question.
It works on this scenario – one morning, you’re in the elevator busy minding your own business, when someone randomly asks you…”What do you do?” By the time you hear the ping of the doors opening again you’ve delivered a pitch perfect simple, yet stylishly confident summary of what it is that you do.
While listening, your audience of one or more will be thinking, what’s in it for me, and, am I interested in this new information?
1. There’s nothing in it for me. Interest will be feigned, and you’ll probably hear a polite “that’s nice.”
2. I’m listening. This is interesting. What’s in it for me? What’s the value promised? What value will I experience by associating with this person, their products, and or services. Now interested, and curious, the process of plying you for more information will begin.
The third scenario, the planting of the subliminal seed, is not so obvious.
3. I’m not interested now. But, I’ll file away this new information “just in case” I need to access it in the future.
Now of course, it goes without saying, the pitch is not confined to small spaces going up or down! It’s a must-have marketing tool to be used time and time again whenever you’re asked the age old question of “what do you do?”
This question, opens a small window of opportunity to “pitch” “sell” “talk about” to a captive audience about what is special and valuable about what you do.
The “do” encompasses anything from your profession, hobby, ideas, passion, dreams, career, services, products, events…..
Do you have your elevator pitch ready to use at a moment’s notice? If you do, great! Now might be a good time to review, tweak, update it, or as a refresher, practice reciting it.
If you don’t have one, or are having trouble condensing it down to juicy sound bites, these questions may help to shape what it is you want to say.
– What is it that you think you do?
– Now think about the one thing you do most of the time, and really well.
– What is unique about this one thing?
– What makes what you do so special to you?
– How, and why do you do it?
– What is the main reason other people are interested in what you do?
– In one short sentence describe the value – the feel good factor, and the common sense factor.
Now, tell me again, what do you do?

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