5 Must Know Pre Media Interview Techniques

Interview TechniquesCongratulations on scoring a great interview to kick start your publicity campaign!
This valuable time will get you in front of the precious eyeballs, and ears of people, most of whom are interested in what you have to say. And, after a few minutes they’ll know about you, be informed about your topic, and what it is you want them to do.
Then, hopefully the magic of word of mouth will happen.
To secure the interview you would have spent time crafting your pitch before contacting targeted media to pitch your story angle.
As there’s not much point pitching a romance novel to a reporter who covers fishing, having a select contact list increases your chances of nabbing an interview.
To get the attention of the right media people, it comes down to telling them what they want to hear…is your story the right fit for their audience?
Now that you’ve got the interview, here’s five things to know to help maximize your media time to its full potential.

1. Talk to the Producer.
Find out as much information as possible about the interview subject, types of questions to expect (in some cases you can get a list of questions), and what it is they are looking for from you. Don’t be afraid to ask!
2. Know about the Show
Do your homework about the show you are going on. What the format is, their audience, specialty subjects – eg: Business, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Technology…you get the picture.
3. Be Prepared
With your content, and know your subject inside and out. Be prepared to answer questions! Have bite size chunks of valuable information (aka sound bites) ready to pull out and use. Also, be prepared mentally – relax, and be ready to be engaging to give a great interview.
4. Know how much time you have
This is crucial to know and will help you prepare your content. Three minutes is not a lot of time – short information packed dynamic sentences are needed. With ten minutes you have more time to explain, cover more topics, and share more of the good stuff.
5. Have a Call to Action
Please tell people what you’d like them to do. How you’d like them to do it, and the important facts for them to know. Website addresses, telephone numbers, prices, etc etc are vital…

Relax, and deep breathe your way through any bouts of nervousness. Be engaging, entertaining, prepared, and interesting…you’ll be as they say in New Zealand, sweet as.

Written by Magdalena VandenBerg: Once in showbiz marketing, Magdalena has secured a truck load of interviews, given many TV, radio, and press interviews. And, knows the incredible value and power of securing media coverage. 

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