Creating Book Covers and Titles. 5 Things to Think About.

love book coverAs a newbie writer and e-book publisher, I’m a sucker for new information.
Especially hints on coming up with an attention grabbing book title, and creating an eye-popping book cover.
Here’s five great things to know when thinking about your book title and cover.
1.  The promise of your book is implicit in the title.
2.  Provide a solution to a problem – using as few words as possible.
– A romance reader searching for a new e-book to buy…a murder mystery title, or a title oozing love and heart…
3.  Measure your content by what you have promised in the title.
4.  For your book cover choose a photo/image that best communicates the promise from the title in the book.
5.  Use the photo/image to take as much of the cover page as possible.
Remember to don a marketing hat when creating your next title and book cover. Most of all, have fun too.

PS – The above cover is a one minute job! But I’m sure you get the gist….

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