Writing. The Art of Less is More.

dog hat
While rewriting the scene’s of my book I’ve found I tend to delve into the tiniest detail to describe what is unfolding.
I seem to teeter on the verge of over sharing.
Learning the art of nuance of saying less, but implying more, is well, an art form.
The last thing I want to do is bore my readers to tears by having them labor through the drudgery of detail.
Writing the right amount to savor the scene, and feed the reader’s imagination is a skill. One that I think is a constant work in progress, and never quite honed.
Perhaps Coco Chanel was on the money when dolling out her two cents worth on wearing accessories…“always take one thing off before leaving the house.”

P.S. You’ll notice this post is detail orientated deprived 🙂

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