The Value of Stars

Vikki from The View Outside poses a very fair question regarding giving 1 or 2 star reviews.
I’m in the camp of not going down the lowly digits road, by either choosing not to finish reading the book, or by not posting a review. I’m not convinced 1 * or 2 stars ** benefit anyone.
At the end of the book, I always remember how much work, guts, determination…and love with a pinch of frustration went into every single word.

The View Outside

I read a great post recently on Peter Germany’s blog where he talked about the star system used to review books. I often do reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, but I haven’t really analysed what the stars really mean to me, and I guess everyone’s interpretation is different. So here’s what I’m thinking when I give a book a star:

20130514-121728.jpg Courtesy of digitalart @ FreeDigitalPhotos

5 stars ***** I loved it…unputdownable.

4 stars **** Really enjoyed it, but….(I’m probably just being picky but there was at least one thing that annoyed me, I found a bit unbelievable or didn’t like etc).

3 stars *** It was ok but I’m disappointed. I had a major problem with a particular aspect, but for some unknown reason decided to read to the end lol

2 stars ** Hmmmm, not for me. It really didn’t work or was just plain boring.

1 star *

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