Preparing to Run my First Marathon. Bonkers? I think not.

roadCome Sunday morning, 7.30am to be precise, on June 23rd, I’ll be nervously staring down the start line of my first marathon.
The lonely feat of putting one neon pink and yellow Mizuno shoe in front of another for a mere 42.2km’s – 26.2 miles should have me running for the Wellington hills screaming, “I must be bonkers” at the top of my over-exerted lungs.
Instead, I’ll front up to conquer the challenge.
Sure I’m going to be as scared as the first time I was sent to the school principal’s office. And, I know it’s going to hurt.
On top of this, I’ll have the elements to contend with. Wellington is a notoriously windy city., and in winter it can be a bitterly cold place. I remember a couple of years ago while on a weekend escape I decided to go for a run along its stunning waterfront. Well, I’d severely under-estimated the strength of the gale force headwind whipping around my then upright body. By the time I turned the corner, its sheer brute strength blew me horizontal before stopping me dead in my tracks.
At that point common sense prevailed. As did the lure of a hot bath in my warm swanky room. The tail wind back to the hotel had me topping an unheard of speed.
But as the saying goes; “nothing beats Wellington on a beautiful day.”
The challenges. mental and physical will be mine to beat. As will be dialing down the loud voices of those pesky demons who, with their seductive ways will try to lure me to quit.
As if.
Along the way too…my i-phone will probably run out of juice. Killing my music and filling my headspace with the anguish of silence, and my own mental gymnastics.
If I continued to dwell on that amount of negative energy I’d be rendered completely useless before reaching the queue for prerequisite pre-race bathroom visit.
Running a marathon isn’t going to be a walk in the park, it’s going to be grueling. The  training runs have been hard enough without going the full distance! I’m either going to thrive or wilt under the challenge.
I believe I have it in me to thrive.
After all, I’m no different from the hundreds of thousands of others who strive to turn a personal goal from a talked-about aspiration into a real life success story.
Committing to run the Wellington Marathon has pushed me from the fence of procrastination into action. Talking about “doing it” is all but over. It’s time to lace up the shoes, and do it. Reaching my goal of crossing the finish line as a marathon runner is mine to achieve.
If I don’t do it, I’ll never know what it feels like to experience the elation of achieving such a massive goal. I’ll never know the ending to my very own real life success.
For me, the residue of not knowing is going to be infinitely more painful than the arduous task of running the damn thing.

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