Overwhelmed? 7 Steps to Shift Focus.

Bored teenager looking depressed, with a grey background
This week is proving to be a tad frustrating. My doozy of a head cold has morphed into  a slimy green comic book villain,  and I feel boggled by the task of re-writing my book, Love in the Vines.
Normally I’m not one to shy away from a good old-fashioned challenge. Typically, I love digging deep to find a piece of extra-special-something to overcome stuff blocking my way.
But right now I’m hosting my own little pity party as it feels like an alien has dropped its load right smack bang in the middle of my pathway. And I’m struggling to find away around, up & over, or through its unwanted leave behind.
Meanwhile Pollyanna, the eternal squeaky wheel optimist residing within is being rather annoying with her joyful chants…”Surrender to the moment, and this too shall pass.” All I want to do is to scream. “Stuff it! It’s too hard. I’m ditching my plan of becoming a writer. I don’t want to play anymore!”
With all this chaos, I can barely think straight.
It’s time to shift gears from chaotic to organized thinking, silence the noise, and retreat back to the basics of single-minded focus.
I’m counting on this working!
1. Overwhelmed? 
Think of the bigger picture as a chocolate bar. Instead of eating it all in one go (so easy to do) take bite size chunks. Every finished morsel is another problem solved.
2. Clear the decks
Toss out what you don’t need to do. If it’s not absolutely necessary, needed, wanted, or has been sitting on your to-do-list for months…years, hit the delete button.
3. Mental Shift
Always believe in the best outcome for you. Stalled? Blocked? Running out of motivational fuel? Chip away at whatever is stopping you from moving forward, and never take your eye off the prize.
4. Block Time
Schedule time, and show up to do what needs to be done.
5. Focus
On the task at hand. Don’t relent, and give in to the goddess of distraction. Facebook, twitter, checking emails, or painting your nails…can wait. It’s true…
6. Reward
Yourself for a job well done. After you’ve done what you set out to do, give yourself a break. Eat a yummy slice of cake, go for a run, check emails, do whatever makes you feel refreshed before moving onto the next task.
7. Be Kind
If you just can’t seem to make sense from what you’re doing, walk away. Take a break, and get re-inspired. Leave whatever it is for a while to stew. Allow a little time to give a fresh perspective.
Darn Pollyanna, she’s right…”and this too shall pass.” Oh, and it’s ok, there is always tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Overwhelmed? 7 Steps to Shift Focus.

  1. according to the Buddhist philosophy ” suffering is resistance to what IS “…actually, i think there’s something in the water this week as everyone’s feeling a little discombobulated….are you still right for a catchup tomorrow or would you like to put it on the back burner till you feel better…?

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