Michael Noll’s Learn to Write. Read Good Books.

shovel“The best way to learn to write is to read good books,” said Michael Noll from Read to Write Stories.
Off the top of my head there’s probably a load of things I could go a day without…at a stretch maybe chocolate, a cup of coffee, Facebook, oh, and a glass of wine. But I don’t feel right without my daily fix of reading a little bit of something.
An avid, will sacrifice sleep to read type I am not, yet following words on a page and hooking into a story on a daily basis is as habitual as brushing my pearly whites.
I simply love the comfort of reading.
Writing, editing, rewriting, and reading the reviews of my first book changed all that.
Morphing into ‘becoming a writer’ doesn’t happen overnight, I’m still a writer in progress. But how I read as writer changed before the birds had the chance to chirp their feathered way through the first chorus of morning has broken.
It’s not that my enjoyment of reading has diminished. It hasn’t. Rather, it’s added layers to the fabric of storytelling. While reading I’m actively looking for the tools the writer has used to weave their story together.
The more I read, the more I learn about the art of writing, and what common denominators contribute to a good, or questionable story.
If you are serious about reading to develop as a writer, Michael Noll’s Read to Write Stories blog – Reading Good Stories, Discovering the Craft of Fiction is a valuable go-to resource loaded with constructive exercises and insights. You can check out Michael’s blog here.
A shout out THANK YOU to Shannon A Thompson for referral to Michael’s blog!

2 thoughts on “Michael Noll’s Learn to Write. Read Good Books.

  1. Success with your writing Magdalena. I follow your blog with interest.
    You got the right spade for it,colourful and shiny!

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