Thanks for stopping by to visit.
If you’d like to get in touch about my website, work or opportunities, I’d love to hear from you, here’s where you can reach me:
Magdalena A VandenBerg
+64 (0)21 557 151
T:  @mvandenberg
LinkedIn: Magdalena VandenBerg
My Amazon Authors Page:

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2 thoughts on “contact

  1. Hi Magdalena,
    my sister, Andrea Taaffe mentioned you on the weekend and somehow I figured i should make contact. You are a few steps ahead in a similar life journey re-alignment that I am in the process of ‘dreaming true’.
    I am an artist/writting person who teaches at Visual Art and Design Dept EIT. I lived for 20 years in Canada and the States as freelance illustrator and exhibiting. Here in NZ my energy is getting swallowed by teaching and its time for a change!
    I’m not exactly sure what it was you were interested in.
    My home phone is 8445664 (it is a weird message- dont worry its the right house)- maybe we connect and have a coffee?

    In any case I send you my bestest glittery wishes along your path to self fulfillment.
    Go hard.
    Happy days,

    • Sorry for the delay I’ve been in editing and file conversion purgatory – would love to meet you. I’m a big fan of Andrea’s & Eve.
      will call you soon. Take care and keep the faith that all will continue to be wonderful in your world. Mx

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