Magdalena VandenBerg
Born in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand to Dutch immigrant parents. Making the move across the pond, the bright lights of Sydney dazzled. It wasn’t long before I’d fallen in love with the city and began the climb up the advertising and marketing ladder.
A friend suggested I try for Qantas as a Flight Attendant. The next five years were spent living out of suitcase offering a hearty meal of chicken or beef. A flying contract to live and work in Italy came up and I accepted without any hesitation.
Retiring the hostie uniform it wasn’t long before I began working in entertainment for live music promoters and ultimately scoring the best job in the world at Cirque du Soleil.
Tired of people telling me that I “always use too many words,” I’ve finally found my happy place. Writing.
Minnie Moo’s my cat. I’m his personal door opener.

The Beginning

Mum and Dad left Holland back in ’58 for a better sunnier life in a little far-flung country known as the ‘land of the long white cloud.’ Bringing my older sister Jacoba with them, they spent weeks at sea before landing in New Zealand with only a few hundred dollars and loads of positive attitude. Despite missing good coffee and salt liquorice they settled trying to learn their way through the Queen’s English. Within 4 years, 3 little ones each made their grand entrance. As a precious mistake I was the last. All four of us were showered with Dutch-Kiwi love. Especially from Mum.

Just in case, I couldn’t manage my lengthy Dutch name – Magdalena Annegie VandenBerg, Mum gave me a kiwi name to fit in with my kindy (pre-school) friends. Called Lindey, I carried the L-word thru school and beyond before dropping it reclaiming the name I was born it. Now I’m a big girl I can handle having a name with exactly the same amount of letters in the alphabet! In case you’re doing it in your head, it’s 26.

Getting a size too big for my NZ (pop. 4 million, sheep 60 million+) shoes I said see-ya to a promising career in small town advertising and marketing and packed my bags for Sydney. Landing a fab job in an ad agency I was happily climbing the ladder when a friend suggested I try for a Flight Attendant position with Qantas. Lo and behold I got in, and, pardon the pun joined the  heights of Flight Attendant world. This amazing job took me all over the world to places I could only dream of including, living in Italy for a couple of years. Bliss.

As my hostie feet tired, my marketing feet got itchy and after Qantas I was lucky enough to score amazing entertainment marketing jobs including with the genius of Cirque du Soleil.  My work was my life. I loved it.

From Sydney, Milano, Roma, USA & Las Vegas, London, Amsterdam….I’m now back in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand. This is where my life begun. This is where the rest of my life is just beginning.

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