Living my life my way

Not wishy washy but real and definitely not the next one hit wonder song. My life My Way is me saying sayonara, arrividerci, good-bye to my old working life and opening the door to the possibility I can live my life my way while pursuing my dream of becoming a self published author.

Sounds simple huh? Well, so far it’s been a hair-raising-white-knuckle roller coaster ride,  and, I love it! I wouldn’t trade places for the world. With bucket loads of self determination, focus, commitment, passion, friends & family and a true desire to kick any shady whiny thoughts of ‘I want to go shopping, I can’t do this anymore’ to the curb I’m getting there bit by bit, day by day. Slowly but surely.

This blog is a way of keeping me honest while I do the hard yards required to live my life my way and not run away to hide every time it gets too darn hard. Hopefully you’ll be inspired along the way.

Follow my ups and downs as I peel back the layers of what it takes to make the most out of our every day and visualizing dreams into reality. No matter how big or small taking the first step to live the rest of your life is well, the first step.
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