Minnie Moo. Scaredy or Scary Cat?

Happy Halloween! My cat, Minnie Moo. The eyes are his. Really? Nope 🙂

E-Book Published. Now What?

Minnie Moo

Minnie Moo’s Adventures

A few days ago I was a borderline euphoric. I’d written my first e-book, Minnie Moo The Extraordinary Adventures of an Ordinary Cat and there it sat on the Amazon Kindle virtual book shelf. Naturally I whipped out my credit card and purchased my one copy, my Mum did too. Phew, at least I had chalked up a couple of runs on the sales scoreboard. The rest would follow. Right?

Wrong! Now the hard work begins. Apparently the easiest part is writing the book. The hard yards, yakka, work, follows.  As an e-book rookie I agree. Without a publishing deal to drive you along the marketing highway, you’re behind the wheel finding the best way to get from one sale to another. No wonder Jack Canfield’s strategy is to pre-sell a boat load of thousands of books. Without a doubt this method would definitely medicate the post publishing sales jitters.

Daunting? Yes. Fun? Yes. Challenging? Yes. Hey, if others can do it, why can’t I? Here’s where I say thank you for the internet and for the generosity of people who don’t mind sharing the e-book love. It’s only been a few days since publishing but already I feel like I’ve just completed my first semester at E-Book University.

I am a bonafide newbie. Today I found out about the Amazon Author Profile. Now I have one. Plus, I discovered the Meet Our Authors Forum and GoodReads. While I’m still figuring out how to import my book to GoodReads the forum was easy. Without thinking about it, I jumped right in the discussion thread asking if anybody knew of well-known pet friendly websites. Before I could say “Minnie Moo” J.D. Hallowell shared a wealth of information leading me to create an Amazon Author Profile.

At least I can say with hand on heart I have a marketing plan. With all the new info I’m gathering it’s changing shape at least three times at day. Yet the foundation remains stable; What: is my product. Who: will be most interested in my book. How: is my target audience going to find out about my book. Why: are they going to buy my book? What’s the compelling reason for them to part with hard earned dollars. Where: can they buy my book and in what format. Will: they post feedback and share the love? Do: readers trust me and like me enough to buy my book?

Even in the virtual world contacts and relationships need to be nurtured for readers to trust and like you enough to be motivated to buy.

As I found out today…..”the art of writing is learning to play the long game.”

5 snapshots to get me through the post publishing jitters:

  1. My marketing plan is my best buddy.
  2. All good things take time.
  3. It’s not personal. I’m sure somebody likes my book!
  4. Surround yourself with like minded people. Listen & learn.
  5. Switch negative to positive. Like “I’ve failed. I’m on the road to writing success.”

My life my way takeaway for E-Book Published? Now What? “Never fall over at the first hurdle.”

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