Book Review. 4 Stars – Crypt of Souls. Author K A Krisko.

4 star reviewCrypt of SoulsCrypt of Souls
Author: K A Krisko
Reviewer: Magdalena VandenBerg
Genre: Fantasy

This book is definitely worthy of 4.5 stars.
K A Krisko’s Crypt of Souls is the second book in the trilogy series, and it’s an outstanding read sure to bring a twisted smile to her die-fans, and satisfy any new reader in need of a dark fantasy fix.
Hand on heart I must say again fantasy is not my preferred genre. But who cares? K A Krisko had me hooked from page one. Having read her first book, Stolen, it was great to be reunited with characters I know and care about. To name only two, the enigmatic Rioletta, and Cardon, a sensitive soul, and one I have a real soft spot for.
It’s fair to add here, I’d recommend reading Stolen first before diving into Crypt of Souls.
With only a few remnants of tree foliage adorning his body, Stolen is slowly feeling more at home with his Andolith family. However still burdened by the shadow of the mistakes of his past (no spoiler here!) he feels the citizens of Andolith will never fully forget, nor forgive him of his sins. This is something only he can reconcile.
Cardon is suffering terribly – I’m sorry I’m not at liberty to divulge more. Rioletta, along with Stolen and Nikal decide to journey to Polebray for the 100th anniversary of the Dispersal celebration, and to find a cure to help ease Cardon’s pain.
Here we are introduced to Hyphanden, the leader of the Outcast Council, and other members all with intoxicating names. They all have knowledge, and in some cases access to the use of forbidden skills. The forbidden flies in the face of those bound by the rigidity of the traditional skills as decreed in the one hundred year old charter.
From Polebray, Rioletta and her Andolith family, and Hyphanden and other Outcasts journey to the Ruined City.
Here K A Krisko’s Crypt of Souls takes a dark twisted macabre turn for the better.
By now Cardon is delirious and on the verge of a total breakdown. And it’s not from drinking too much wine or beer.
Deep within the Forbidden City lies a hidden vault – the Crypt of Souls. Four minds are trapped alive and well within their lifeless bodies.
Can the Traditional Sorcerer’s trust the Outcast Council to help them accomplish their mission to rescue the minds from their entrapment? Why are other sinister forces trying to sabotage the mission?
As if this isn’t enough, the cunning Lefollah, including the pesky leaves, expose their devious intentions to cause the maximum amount of havoc and harm to unsettle Rioletta and Stolen. Omnipresent you get the creepy feeling the Lefollah are always watching and waiting.
K A Krisko has a fantastical gift when describing the different magical Skills. Clever, and descriptive she draws you into the real power of each skill. I particularly loved the animation skill, there are many more and each is important in building the purpose of the characters.
So, why not five stars?
For me to dish out a whopping five stars the book must be a riveting page-turner. I truly felt the first half of Crypt of Souls was five star worthy. However, it was around the middle of the story I lost my way a little.
With so many characters, Skills, and story layers it was difficult for me to keep up. I’m not sure if this is in part due to my inexperience in the fantasy genre, but either way there was so much going on the words began to blend on the page.
At this point I think the book could have benefited from adding more description to the characters and the events. Some of the scenes deserved to have their own chapter.
That said Crypt of Souls is really well crafted, and bravo to the imaginative Skill of Author K A Kristo.
Imagine knowing your heartbeat has been eternally silenced yet your mind remains trapped…Dark and disturbing K A Krisko’s fantasy will not disappoint. You’ll be sending the author mind messages begging her to finish the final book of the trilogy.

My Latest Book Review for K.A. Krisko’s STOLEN. A Science Fantasy Unfolds…

Before I go any further I have to be honest. I never venture into the fantasy genre. Well, I’m glad I did.
K.A. Krisko’s STOLEN has opened up a whole new world for me.
The opening paragraph drew me into the world of Lefollah “who in the day resembled the trees of the forest in which they grew.”
From that point I was drawn into Stolen. A civilization built upon a foundation of the tradition of the Council of Sorcerers, and a multi-dimensional array of cleverly crafted Skills. Many of these Skills were accepted by the Council, and had successfully been incorporated to add diverse and practical value into the functioning of everyday life.
It was the forbidden skills that had me the most excited. Their collective powers were masterfully described, and brilliantly crafted. Shape-shifting, mind-bending, viewing, and more. All brilliant.
As a young girl, Rioletta was abducted by the Tree People. Years later while attending a life changing meeting of the Council of Sorcerers, Rioletta learned of her destiny. “Your task.” Mosse said slowly, “is to solve the mystery of your life.” From here, the story of Stolen begins in earnest. Traversing a dynamic, well crafted fantasy world of dramatic landscapes, civilizations, might, power, Skill, and the complexity and frailty of relationships.
Rioletta is placed in numerous threatening situations and is pitted against people who are unknown to her world. It is during these times Rioletta has to make tough decisions. As her chosen course of action will not only affect her, it will also impact her community, and reverberate throughout the rest of civilization as she knows it.
The backbone of the story is skilfully crafted upon the sense of what is right and wrong, the moral strength of the value of community, the importance of caring for the environment, and in turn protecting the legacy of our future. Personal relationships interweave throughout the story adding warmth, empathy, understanding, and an admiration at the tenacity of the human spirit.
Perhaps it is my lack of experience with reading science fantasy, at times I did get lost, and confused with the different locations, character names, and the numerous Skills employed. I felt at times, the pace of the story was too fast, and in my opinion could have benefited from a slower more descriptive pace to concentrate the reader focus on all that was unfolding.
At times I felt I needed more depth to allow me time to grasp everything that was happening in the storyline.
If fantasy is your genre, Stolen is a very worthwhile read. If you are like me, and don’t tend to read fantasy, Stolen is a book worth exploring.

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