Motivational Monday. Snoopy’s One Direction.



Motivational Monday. Pooh Bear’s Honey for the Soul.


pooh bear

Motivational Monday. Paulo Coehlo Explains.

“Don’t waste your time with explanations: people only hear what they want to hear.”
Paulo Coehlo

Motivational Monday. Let Your Dreams Lead the Way.



I’d like to add….
This is it.
Our one life we get to live.

Don’t let the ugly words and actions of others be your problem.


Motivational Monday. Forward Thinking.

For the past couple of weeks I’ve felt bogged down by old stuff.
These eight simple yet powerful words redirected my thoughts.
A directional reminder….keep looking forward, keep on forward thinking, keep moving forward etc etc etc
Love this week.


Motivational Monday. Everything will be okay. OK.

The other day a friend share one of her favorite bites of inspiration with me.
“Not to spoil the ending for you but…everything’s going to be okay.”
I’d never heard it before, and I was more than ok with her spoiling the ending.
Then I chanced upon this little ditty from Ed Sheeran.
A new chapter begins.
the ending quote


Motivational Monday. Let Love Be Your Energy.


spring blossoms

Motivational Monday. Note to Self. Never Lose Faith.


Right now…this reminder hits home.

Motivational Monday. You Say I Can’t. I Say Watch Me.

I found this quote and fell head over heels in love…it pretty much sums up determination.
Watch me

Motivational Monday. Focus Imagination. By Mark Twain.


dog eyes