More about Matt. Occupation. Winemaker.

Introducing Matt, the lead male character in LOVE IN THE VINES,
Name:  Matt
Profession:  Winemaker
Loves:  Wine, Love, Coffee and Food. Designer jeans and t-shirts.
Traits: Driven, Obsessive, Private and Selfish
Detests: Over-chilled wine, team
Favorite Wines: Châteauneuf du Pape, Syrah (Shiraz), Viognier (Vee-on-nay) and French Champagne
Must drink beer: Coopers Ale

Best described in three words: Lover. Of wine.

Matt, a former hard-to-please advertising agency executive, who has since turned his back on the corporate world in pursuit of his true passion.

Now an award winning, gifted winemaker, his moodiness and arrogance is despised by some, and pulls like magnetic attraction for others.

Likes to complain about his workload, and is unable to function without his morning coffee. One cup is never enough.

Love in the Vines is a contemporary romance novel set in the intoxicating world of wine and food.
Out now on Amazon Kindle – click here to buy your copy (if you have, thank you very much!)

…..”I enjoyed the way the story unfolded against the romantic backdrop of a winery with realistically drawn characters. Definitely a story of the easy drinking variety, perhaps a merlot! A great read for summer.” Amazon Review

Surviving. E-Book File Conversion.

This is not a how-to-covert-your-E-Book files. I’m blogging about that later….

I’m now cross-eyed from editing my new contemporary romance e-book, Love in the Vines. After three, no, make that four edits, my Mom and sister begged me to stop and let my words go and move on…..
Having followed the Amazon Kindle formatting guide to the letter, I fooled myself into believing I had side-stepped the much written about code nasties and, that the file conversion from a word.docx document to html and e-pub would be a cinch.
Determined to go it alone so I could understand the “process,” my goal, was to do and master every single step myself.
So now, not only am I cross-eyed, my forehead is a little dented from hitting my head against the proverbial brick wall. And, I’m minus a few hairs from suffering through frustrating bouts of tearing my hair out moments.
Through error and trial, yes that is intentional, I learned about margin size, justifying paragraphs, indenting, page breaks, creating a table of contents; heading and chapters, bookmarking and creating hyperlinks for every chapter.
The usual soothing sound of my much loved clock began to grate as each minute ticked then tocked into another.
One pesky chapter wouldn’t behave. The hyperlink wouldn’t work.
I’d already taken out the fancy squiggles, as any graphic has to be devoid of surrounding text, but still no luck.
Finally after staring at the screen for a moment too long. I had my ah-ha moment. Calling Chapter 8 Chilled Rosé was the problem.
See that final e? The accented one? As the é is an inserted symbol, I figured Kindle must read it as a graphic code. Knowing graphics and text don’t sing in Kindle Harmony I changed the chapter to Dusk.
My hyperlink problem was solved.
Thank goodness for Google as I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why I couldn’t download Mobi-pocket (file conversion software). Not too worry, said Google, Mobi-Pocket doesn’t work on a Mac. Download Calibre, watch the tutorial and hey-presto before you know it, you’ll have your e-pub file. Just how Kindle likes it.
That is the short version.
Needless to say, I have achieved my goal. I now understand the “process.” Well, at least I think I do.
I’m now seriously considering writing a step by step, how-to-do-it, e-book. Nothing fancy, nothing technical, no devious code to decipher just a “I’m not a tech-head, please break this e-book conversion and marketing stuff into yummy bite size pieces for me.”
A few hours ago I would have paid top dollar for a copy!
As the adage goes, ‘we live and we learn.’ All I can say is, yes we do.
Love in the Vines is now in the safe virtual hands of Amazon Kindle. After my successful upload, a nice note told me to sit back, relax and wait 12 to 48 hours before Love in the Vines will be available for sale in the Kindle Store.
Then, it’s time for me to turn the page and begin the next chapter. Marketing.
Would I have it any other way. Heck no.

Release date for Love in the Vines week commencing October 1, 2012.

From the moment I rushed passed her on the stairs, I knew it was only going to be a matter of time before we connected. This time though, the wedding ring was on the other hand. Not mine, but hers, and Carla was her name.
Taking the plunge from the glamorous world of advertising to the intoxicating world of wine, Matt’s dream of becoming a gifted winemaker had come true. Leaving behind the city lights, casual late night flings and, the shattered remains of his marriage all Matt yearned for was a peaceful life spent among the fruit laden vines and sipping his own award winning wines.
With the ink now dry on his divorce papers, the last thing Matt wanted was to fall in love again…
Reaching over to touch the grapes, Matt said with a shy yet knowing smile. ‘Sugar, sunlight, alchemy; I like to think of it as chemistry and magic conspiring together and, with a lot of love, nurturing and attention, it is all that these little ones need.
While hurriedly dressing I thought about that damn quote, “time stands still for no one.”  Well, it definitely did not stand still for me, a woman, having an affair. Time was against me as I raced back home. Checking for any messages before I left. I was dismayed to see a missed call and a text from my husband. He was letting me know his lunch was over and he’d be home within the hour.