Writing Inspiring Chapter Hooks.

In my last blog “The Power of Sharing Knowledge”I wrote about how much fun I had writing the chapters for my e-book, Minnie Moo The Extraordinary Adventures of an Ordinary Cat.

Having cottoned on that these Chapter Hooks can easily multi-task from dividing your writing to parading as publicity hooks I got busy. By using 120 characters your chapters can be used to capture the media, both regular and social, in a short, sweet, sharp and sure way.

I think that’s genius and too good not too share.

Getting down to the business of writing my chapters I scribbled down a creative brief and decided mine had to tick 3 boxes: 1.  Be Inspirational | 2.  Be Fun  | 3: Be true to Minnie Moo. After numerous versions I finally whittled it down to eleven chapters of bite size inspiring fun little Minnie Moo’ism’s that I imagined Minnie Moo might say or at least think…..they need no introduction, but if you get stuck feel free to send me a note. Enjoy!

Now, put your paws together for the 11 Chapters crafted for Minnie Moo The Extraordinary Adventures of an Ordinary Cat

Don’t judge a cat by its coat.

Clear clutter. Make space for you.

Chapter 3:
Got a bout of doubt? Breathe.

Chapter 4:
If life gives you the wobbles make jelly.

Chapter 5:
Got a sticky situation. Make toffee.

Chapter 6:
Words spell sword.

Chapter 7:
Stop! Wasting time thinking what others are thinking.

Chapter 8:
Hug your family tree.

Chapter 9:
Let the wind of change blow in.

Chapter 10:
Lighten your load. Unpack baggage.

Chapter 11:
Life dishes all ice cream flavors.

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