Positive Power Surge.

By nature I’m an eternal optimist; not quite Pollyanna but definitely a borderline Ollyanna. Despite always looking for the proverbial silver lining occasionally a shadow of doubt tries  to cast aspersions on my otherwise positively cloud free day.

Usually loud and obnoxious, negative thoughts aren’t known to be shy. These big bad words forming as sentences are on steroids and show no remorse when muscling in to bulldoze flat any chance of a rosy positive healthy outlook. Open the door and negativity will barge in to take over any precious thinking space and never leave.

With negativity you’ve got yourself a guaranteed life long frenemy.

Sound familiar?

Switching the pesky and persuasive negative whiney conversation threatening to settle inside your head to positive thinking takes no more than a conscious effort to change.

You have to want to replace negative with positive.

If you’re quite happy wallowing in shallow negatively charged waters or love the cool embrace of “I’m not good enough or I can’t” – I’m pretty sure this post isn’t your cup of tea.

This snippet of a typical power struggle may sound familiar. A simple dose of will and conscious desire swings the balance of power back into the warm fuzzies zone. Note, in my world, the positive always gets the last word.

-ve: You’re no good vs +ve I  am excellent.
You can’t do that vs Yes I can. I will try.
Other people are better than you vs I learn from others who are more experienced. I am interested in being the best person I can be.
You’re a loser vs Sorry, the L word is not in my vocabulary.  Every day I strive to reach my potential. If I fail. I learn.
Don’t be silly, you’ll never make it vs I’m already on my way.
Who’s going to believe in you vs Well for starters, I am.
So, you’re feeling a tad insecure today? Well, I’ll make you feel worse. vs For a moment I had the wobbles but right now and for the rest of the day I’ve decided to feel great.

With most of us spending our days navigating through choc-a-block schedules backed up by a page long to-do list we need every ounce of positive energy to bolster us through the demands of everyday living. Negativity is quite happy to sit for days on end eating away at your progress, self confidence, spirit and overall sense of well being, its definitely baggage we don’t need. Why indulge it.

The last thing negative thoughts want is you on the podium of success. They’re happiest when squashing dreams and aspirations. Disconnect from the negative. Switch to positive connections.  It’s a no brainer.

Having just written and self-published Minnie Moo The Extraordinary Adventures of an Ordinary Cat, I’m onto my next Minnie Moo story as well as Love in the Vines. Negativity can often be found lurking on my – my life my way doorstep. It’s still sitting out there languishing in the cold. My door remains firmly closed.

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