Newbie Writer. 5 Unanswered Sales Questions.

question markAs a newbie, or is it newbee writer?…These are five questions I’m still pondering.
These questions seem so easy to ask, yet are really complex to answer. Especially if you’re an independent author starting from scratch without the grunt of a Publisher’s marketing and distribution power
It can all seem daunting. Even impossible.
But as impossible is entirely possible, with a little thought, planning, strategic thinking, and by embracing marketing…I believe over time I’ll have some answers.
These questions make me think.
And if I want to become a commercially successful writer, in which I can give up my day/night job and write for a living, then I have to think about the questions posed.
Otherwise, I’m writing for love. Only.
Are you pondering the same questions. Better still, do you have similar questions? Answers even?
Please share!

2 thoughts on “Newbie Writer. 5 Unanswered Sales Questions.

  1. i’m currently going through everything i can find relating to self-publishing but it seems to me that it’s just the basic mechanics of how to publish that are required …i feel that paralysis by analysis could occur if i get to bogged down in process which will stifle my ” stream of consciousness” required to write..learn as i go, i think ?

    • I hear what you’re saying. Learning as you go is definitely the way to go. I tend to get a bit obsessive šŸ™‚ And now with my first book e-published with ok sales, my marketing brain is kicking in. I think & believe (perhaps it’s a pipe dream) creative & marketing go together. I agree with you nothing should interrupt the stream of consciousness. It’s a joyous space to be in. Even if a tad frustrating at times! All the best with your writing, and thanks for taking the time to post a comment.

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